"Quiet place": hush, mice, cat on the roof
"A quiet place" (a Quiet Place) - a new film is not yet very famous in our area Director John Krasinski next week in the Russian box office. The film…

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The success story of the Marvel cinematic universe and its impact on culture (part 2)


Kim Ki-Duk, high five! Top 5 films of the main humanist of Korean cinema
1960年12月20日,世界着名的导演Kim Ki-Duk出生于Sobenni村(韩国)。传记结果是杂色:他离开学校作为一个15岁的少年......




At the box office, Isle of Dogs is the second animated film by Wes Anderson, a self-taught American independent film Director. Known for his individual artistic manner, which is characterized by verified symmetry, “tasty” color palette and constant black humor, Our audience Anderson familiar films “Tenenbaum Family” (2001),” Train to Darjeeling “(2007),” Kingdom of the full moon “(2012) and “hotel” Grand Budapest” (2014).

We watched the cartoon and try to explain why it is worth watching and you.

So the mayor is a fantastic Japanese city of Nagasaki hate hate dogs accusing our brothers in the spread of a dangerous virus, they send them to the island. Garbage island, where dogs of all stripes, regardless of status and past achievements, are forced to live out their dog age. By the way, “dog” in this case is not a very appropriate definition: one of the distinctive features of Anderson’s animation is the humanization of animals, while people, on the contrary, are too schematic, and a whole army of anti-heroes relies on one positive character.Continue reading


今天我们记得光荣,不幸的是,forgotten art form-music videos in the style of cinema. The 80s and 90s of the last century are magical times filled with music videos with plots that have almost completely disappeared nowadays. Often, they expand the motifs of their films by featuring fictional characters along with musicians performing the tracks. Some clips are even regarded as sequels to the films: before the release of the second part of “Short circuit” there was a clip of” Who’s Johnny ” by El De Barge, in which the main characters get to the court session. Below is a translation of ScreenCrush’s selection of the funniest and weirdest examples.ld乐动网址

“Aquaman”: good old illogical Thriller

The film industry loves to flirt with nostalgia. First of all, this feeling is focused on all sorts of sequels-prequels and other sidequels, clinging to the already famous franchise. But the trick of “Aquaman” (Aquaman) is not even that he is part of the growing cinematic universe of DC. His trick is that the plot he brings the viewer back to the days of militants 80-90s, who wanted to watch with his mouth open.

在会议后的第一分钟内,我想写评论这种情况:“去”Aquaman的六个理由“:1。湿半裸的杰森·莫奥纳和也潮湿,但唉,少赤裸的琥珀听到; 2。微妙的水下世界追踪;关于公主的迪士尼卡通的情节;4.突然发出Mod的“它不好”在中间的某个地方,没有突然的Sigur ROS;5.绝对印第安人州沙漠与地下洞穴和伪影; 6。明亮和多汁的图片,给出了庆祝感。Continue reading

Although a single cinematic universe Marvel and appeared earlier kinovselennoy DC, a solo film about a female character in it came out just now. In the tape "Captain marvel" (Captain…


Scary evil: eight charismatic maniacs from the world of cinema (part 1)
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"Men in black: international": spin-off without a spark
The first "Men in black", released in 1997, was very successful. And even in those years, success spawned sequels. The second and third films were not so good, and now,…


(Not)heroes: the story of a deconstructed superhero image in comic book adaptations
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