Horror movie man: remastered and dubbed

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17 partic音乐视频ipation of film characters
Today we remember the glorious and, unfortunately, forgotten art form-music videos in the style of cinema. The 80s and 90s of the last century are magical times filled with music…


"Men in black: international": spin-off without a spark
The first "Men in black", released in 1997, was very successful. And even in those years, success spawned sequels. The second and third films were not so good, and now,…

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“Alita: battle angel”: the cutest cyberpunk

Cyberpunk, like, by definition, can not be cute: the world in which high tech is combined with low life, most often shown in the dark and damp, highlighting objects with flashes of neon with chopped shadows. “Alita” (Alita: Battle Angel) in reading Hollywood absolutely not such a. She is bright, bright and simply charming.

简单剧情:一个失忆的女孩想要找到她past. Complication: the girl is actually a cyborg. A more serious complication: the girl is about three hundred years old and it is collected on the currently unavailable technologies lost after the great War. Simple plot: a girl finding herself, simultaneously acquires friends and enemies, lose a little and those and others, set himself a specific goal and goes to her with the tenacity of an armored train.What is the purpose of film adaptations? Well, it is clear that in the first place the creators of the adaptation want to cut down the dough, of course.但。应该理解,薄膜适应是对原始的解释。这是原来的来源,通过某人的头部(有时甚至超过一个),有人已经处理并发给了观众。这部电影的基础是在九十年代纪念纪念纪念纪念品的基础上,在其中有一对ova系列的动漫试图收集不同,漫画章节分为一项工作。但是绘画有两种类型 - 那些熟悉原始的人和那些被带到美丽画面的人。在“Alita”的情况下,我属于第二阵营。这张照片真的很好:在电影的上半场,大多数事件在白天发生,而在黄色的阳光下,啃报的cyberpunk世界看起来更像是一个后期令人触症虫的现代少年愿景。这部电影的下半部分是一个令人骚越,但仍然没有滚入典型的技术中间。甚至是SINAWAVA的经典网络钱包,中间有几个无形的曲目。明亮的风景,一个巨大的眼睛的女孩,探讨了一个无辜但不知疲倦的好奇心的世界 - 一般来说,从任何“rapunzel”来看,“Alita”的开始并不大得多。由Robert Rodriguez和James Cameron进行,这部电影主要是一个成长的故事,接受自己并在生活中找到一个人的位置。 Only in the role of the Princess here is a three-hundred-year-old cyborg created to kill, but this is a formality.

It’s the cutest cyberpunk movie I’ve ever seen. And he is cute not only because of the light picture, but also because of the shifted accents. Most of the time we are shown how good Dr. IDO, played by Christoph Waltz, like a techno-Aibolit, mends neighbors, taking payment in oranges, as children frolic in the streets, roller-skating at breakneck speed, as a street musician plays a two-fingered guitar in three cybernetic hands. Fountains are noisy, dogs running around, merchants were talking… Quiet, smooth, grace-the viewer is not immediately dipped in dystopian severity, class and despondency.
And, to be honest, the sadness in the film bring only classic romantic moments, without which this kind of picture has nowhere to go. But the situation is saved by another type of activity — juicy robertclemens. Cyborgs in the film in addition to Alita a lot, but it is, of course, the most beautiful, and therefore regularly crumbles enemies without any problems. Most of the cyborgs resemble Garbage at one stage of the build from the clip “The World Is Not Enough” — a human face glued to a jumble of mechanisms and dubious combinations of machinery that sometimes even differ from the format of classic humanoids. Looks a little weird, but okay — not everyone can be Alitame.

There’s robertclemens in the movie give a lot, and Alita happy to it starts. Even more joyous than exploring the world, because she believes that the battles will awaken memories in her and help her understand how to live something further. And, to be honest, a simple viewer in my face is happy about it-the fights are put well, CG is used to the fullest and as creative as possible, and the action came out bright. Slowmo, of course, sometimes infuriates, as it should be slowmo, but still adds entertainment.Hollywood “Alita” on the promise, on the subject, on the mood, on the history can even be compared with “the First player to prepare” and “Valerian”. These are technological fairy tales-dreams, toothless, despite all cruelty shown in them, kind in the basis, simple as valenok. First of all, these films are a visual feast for those who love high-tech soap, and for those who like to examine the footage under a magnifying glass, looking for Easter eggs and references. Flirt with the audience begin with the very first frames, replacing the logo of the screensaver 21st Century Fox on the 26th Century Fox-it is in the 26th century and the events of the film.”Alita”, like these pictures, is naive, than reminds a film fantasy of the end of the last century. And so watch it easily and simply, as in childhood. The departure from the classic canons of cyberpunk in the film adaptation of the classics of cyberpunk expanded the audience of the film — in the cinema will sit and 13-year-old girls who were led to the big round eyes of the heroine, and after the session, perhaps, will go to sign up for MMA: Alita brings down enemies very gracefully.James Cameron waited for the film adaptation of “Alita” 20 years – at first the technology was insufficient, and now he is busy with the next “Avatars” and in the Director’s chair let Robert Rodriguez, giving him the script and taking the role of producer. Therefore, the film is acutely felt the spirit of the old school action and epic.

“Alita” can be said to be completely secondary. The plot is predictable, the characters are banal, the villains are simple, the dynamics are unhurried. The film will not help the viewer to learn something new, to leave the cinema with crazy eyes and think-think-think at night about the imperfection of the world. All that is shown in “Alita”, we have already seen somewhere. Just Cameron and Rodriguez put all these familiar pieces together, seasoned with their signature styles and sent to the screens.
It’s a simple movie. Through and through. And it entertains first of all not the audience, but its creators. When you start the film adaptation, you need to be able to keep the balance: to make the film fascinating for those who are not familiar with the original source, and not to anger those who have lost the original to holes. That simple shirnarmassam “Alita” will taste, I have little doubt – it’s a simple Hollywood gum, received a Japanese twist. And in the performance of “Alita”, this highlight is inscribed in the implementation much less clumsily than in the same “Ghost in armor”, though still in a distorted form. “Alita” looks quite good as an independent movie, and understatement in certain moments is a typical case for modern scenarios.
然而,与独立电影不同,“Alita”具有优势:如果电影中缺少某些东西 - 您可以随时加入原件。这是一个问题:足够好“Alita”而言,为了实现观众,鼓励他熟悉主要来源,深入研究历史女孩 - 机器人,然后,如果所有人都恰当地发展,继续续集?

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